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Childhood is by far the most integral and vulnerable period in a person’s life. Happy childhood experiences are a lifetime treasure for any individual, since they lay a foundation for the future action; and stay captured as refreshing and joyous memories. It inevitably becomes the responsibility of the society to ensure that a friendly and supportive ecosystem is provided for growing children, especially in the burgeoning urban areas.

Most urban cities, in trying to fulfill the modern demands of infrastructure and automobile excess are eating up on the free and safe spaces for unrestricted childhood. Children have less cycling paths or play areas and more video games and TV channels. The closeness to nature, running around bare foot or on cycles, climbing up the trees, feeling safe in the neighborhood is completely losing out to technology and modern infrastructure.


To create “a Child friendly city” - a city which accords safety to the child; where the child has freedom to explore, derive fun and joy, has ample opportunity and builds happy memories for a lifetime. 


aProCh, a community based initiative was born out of this need for change. Started by Kiran Bir Sethi (Founder/director of the Riverside School, Ahmedabad) in 2007. To fulfill the vision of aProCh, various initiatives were designed and implemented.

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