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Aproch Team - Kiran Bir Sethi   aproch Team - priyanka   Aproch Team - kirti   Aproch Team - kirti
Meet Eduhero Kirti - also known as Persipatient! On a typical day, you will find her feeling strongly about creating opportunities for Children to engage in free play; imagining different ways to add value to the community - especially children, making sure that aProCh doesn’t mean just fun but also learning. To achieve these objectives, she enthusiastically organises different initiatives like Street Smart, Parents of the Park, City on Cycles and Mov’ing Experience. She is always excited about adding value to the stakeholders and inspires them to take ownership of the vision of aProCh.

When we met her stakeholder Mr. Neeraj from NGO Saath, this is what he had to say about her, “Kirtiben has provided an opportunity for children to experience and explore spaces outside their community. She is able to handle situations under pressure in calm and confident manner, making each experience beneficial for the child.

Other stakeholder Mr. Soham Shukla from Spark Foundation adds “Her endurance and persistence for the idea is amazing and inspiring. Her dedication to make programs valuable and successful, her relationship building skills and continual support ensures partners are always motivated.”
Aproch Team - Kiran Bir Sethi  
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